Toll Malt

At Bairds, we offer brewers and distillers the opportunity to convert barley that they have supplied themselves. As we have five malting locations across the UK with various batch sizes, we’re able to offer a variety of different options to customers who want their barley converted to malt.

Toll Malting is a unique arrangement with our customers as we offer the ability to embark on a particular malt journey that emphasises the provenance and traceability of the grain. We have converted barley for customers from single estates where our customer has wanted to celebrate a multi-generational relationship between the grower and distillery. 

We have also Toll Malted single grains for customers who have wanted to complete commercial distilling trials of specific grains grown locally to them. The importance of this project was to identify a barley strain that grew particularly well within the distiller’s own micro-climate and ultimately provided the maximum terroir from which to produce their spirit. 

As this process can represent a long journey from the inception of the idea to the final batch of malt, this is a service that we don’t readily offer. That said, we’re always interested to listen to new ideas and if we can help accommodate a Toll batch within our production schedule, we will always try our best.

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Bairds have been supplying our malt requirements for the Ardnamurchan Distillery since we began production in 2014. The ability to toll malt from our own barely in Fife, along with additional supply of wholly-grown Scottish malted barley is fundamental to our ongoing commitment to full traceability and transparency. We remain delighted with the quality of malt provided each year and look forward to continued supply for the years to come.


Alex Bruce
Managing Director
Adelphi Distillery Limited


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