From our beginnings as a family business who were committed to bringing quality malt to Glasgow’s brewers, we’ve grown and developed into a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading brewers and distillers.


With 200 years of malting heritage, we’re celebrating the next chapter of our malting story having added capacity at two of our UK maltings to help meet the demand from distillers and brewers across the world.

Project Angel - Our Next Chapter

Partnering with the UK’s growers

At the heart of quality malt, is the UK’s best barley.

Bairds Malt partners with over 800 farmers to ensure a consistent quality of the UK’s best barley to our maltings, with many of our growers working in partnership with us over multiple generations.


We’re partnering with the world’s leading distilleries to produce quality malt from the UK’s best barley. Your distilling story starts here.


From the early beginnings of a family business determined to supply quality malt to Glasgow’s breweries, we recognise that a quality beer requires a quality malt.

Our malt collection

We produce 40 different malts from our 4 UK maltings, with barley sourced from the UK’s best barley growers.

From our Roast House in Witham to our peating plant in Inverness and our 2 maltings in between, we produce a range of quality malts perfect for your distilling or brewing needs.

Base Malts

highly kilned Malts

Distilling Malts

Roasted Malts

1823 heritage collection

our other Malts

bairds make malt/ people make bairds

From the early days of Bairds, we’ve always known that quality malt is the key to the world’s best whisky and beer.

We also know that the key to great malt, is great people. Many of our team are long term members of the Bairds family – meet them here.


With a range of over 40 quality malts to choose from supplied by our global distrubution partners we have a malt to suit your next brewing or distilling project.