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Our  Inverness  maltings, situated  in the  heart of the  Highlands, is organic certified which  means we’re able to offer our customers  malt that conforms to the Organic Food Federation (OFF) principles. The production of Organic Malt is important as it supports agricultural sustainability and our recognition that we’re custodians of the land on which we grow malting barley for the next generation. 

Grown from certified seed and having OFF accreditation ensures our Organic Malt conforms to strict standards which are applied throughout processing to maintain its organic status and make sure there is clear segregation between products thus no cross contamination occurs.

As per the OFF principles, our Organic production demonstrates a system that combines best environmental practices both on farm and during the malt production. Our Inverness maltings is perfectly suited to the production of Organic malt as the SGKV boxes are used to steep, germinate and kiln without movement of the barley to ensure the most gentle of grain handling. 

As with any grain, Organic  barley is at  the mercy of Mother Nature and  the  various  challenges  of any growing  season. Grown  using  natural substances and processes, the  grain can  be more susceptible to fungal diseases, insect  pests and  weeds so customers  need  to  be aware of the risks to crop whenever planning to  use Organic Malt in their production. As such, given the above, Bairds Malt do not hold stocks of organic malt but rather make it to order working in partnership with both our growers and our customers, season in and season out, to meet the customer requirements.  

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