high enzyme distilling malt

Also referred to as High DP malt, this is a specialist distilling malt typically produced for grain distillers and is specifically designed with extra diastatic power to convert any source of starch added to the mash.

Malt Analysis

Moisture: 6.5% max

Diastatic Power: 155 IoB min

Moisture: 6.5% max

Diastatic Power: 580 WK min

Moisture: 6.5% max

Diastatic Power: 170 °L min

Glycosidic Nitrile (GN): 0.2g/tonne max

Malt details

Suggested Use: Used for grain distilled spirit production

Flavour profile: Lightly kilned to preserve enzymes so not typically used for flavour as it can impart grassy, grainy and sulphurous (high DMS) notes.

Inclusion rate: Up to 100%

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