Scottish Ale Malt

Scottish Ale Malt is a testament to our malting heritage and deep roots within Scotland; sown, grown and malted in Scotland for provenance.

Scottish Ale Malt is the ideal malt for the craft brewer who requires a light coloured base malt for both lager and ales. Grown in Scottish fields that help produce some of the finest two-row spring barley, our Scottish Ale Malt celebrates the landscape and those who are the guardians of some of the best barley in the UK.

Ideal for both lagers and light ales, this malt boosts the Scottish provenance that very few can match. We’re proud to have such deep Scottish roots and, as we approach 200 years as maltsters, we’ve developed this quality malt to celebrate the unique character of our growers and the quality barley they produce, from field to firkin.

Malt Analysis

Moisture: 4.5% max

Extract (0.7/0.2mm), dry: 312 LDK min

Colour (EBC/SRM Units): 3.0 – 4.0 °EBC

Total Nitrogen/Protein, dry: 1.55% max
SNR / KI/ ST Ratio: 36.0 – 42.0

Diastatic Power: 60 IoB min

Moisture: 4.5% max

Extract (0.7/0.2mm), dry: 80.8% min

Colour (EBC/SRM Units): 3.5 – 4.5 °EBC

Total Nitrogen/Protein, dry: 1.50% max
SNR / KI/ ST Ratio: 40.0 – 45.0

Diastatic Power: 215 WK min

Moisture: 4.5% max

Extract (0.7/0.2mm), dry: 82.5% min

Colour (EBC/SRM Units): 1.5 – 2.0 °SRM

Total Nitrogen/Protein, dry: 9.7% max
SNR / KI/ ST Ratio: 40.0 – 45.0

Diastatic Power: 65 °L min

Malt details

Suggested Use: Can be used in pale ale beers or even porters and stouts

Flavour profile: Imparts light golden colour and sweet wort flavours

Inclusion rate: Up to 100%

Order options: 1 tonne tote, 500kg tote, 25kg bags

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