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Our Story

Over the Years

From our beginnings as a family business that was committed to bringing quality malt to Glasgow’s brewers, we’ve grown and developed into a trusted partner to many of the world’s leading brewers and distillers.



Brothers Frank & Hugh Baird brewer/maltsters found Great Canal Brewery in Possil Road. Their vision was to provide consistent high quality beer to the growing Glasgow population.


Malting business situated at the Springbank works, situated on the Forth and Clyde Canal was expanded to supply other brewers. Hugh’s vision to bring consistent high quality malt supply to brewers across the Glasgow region.


The brothers receive the Royal warrant. As established maltsters and hop merchants, they sold malt to local distillers and brewers alongside their roasted malts (the first to be made in Scotland).


Demand for brewing malt steadily increases as beer volumes increase and brewers are unable to satisfy their own needs.


An additional floor maltings at Greenwich, London, becomes the 3rd production site, and the first outside of Glasgow.


Our roasting operations move to our new roasthouse at our Witham maltings, where it continues to operate to this day.


Bairds launch Brewers Select, a one stop supply shop for Britian’s brewers.

investment for the next chapter

Bairds Malt hold a proud record of establishing the most recent malting plant investments in the UK. In 2010, a new state of the art 57,000mt malting plant was added at our Arbroath Maltings which was the first new malthouse to be built in Scotland for over a quarter of a century. 

In 2020, we invested again in a new maltings with the support from our parent company – United Malt.

The project will include an overhaul of our Clova operation in Arbroath, in addition to a new 55,000mt capacity at Inverness, will mean we’re able to utilise more malting barley grown local to the maltings to further the capabilities of Scottish provenance.

Project angel

Partnering with craft

From the humble beginnings of a family business that saw the opportunity to influence the wider brewing industry, Bairds continues to believe that partnership through the wider supply chain plays a critical part in helping others find success.

Brewers Select is our craft supply business in the UK, providing brewing supplies to customers throughout the UK and Europe from their 27,500 sqft warehouse in Peterborough.

Country Malt Group are our North American distribution partners, supplying malt and brewing supplies to customers throughout the US and Canada. Alongside Cryer Malt who cover our malt distribution throughout Australasia and the Pacific we have the world covered.

Our Craft partners in the uk

With a tradition as malt and hop merchants that can be traced back to the 1800s, Brewers Select follows the principles of our founding fathers: to supply the UK’s breweries with quality ingredients. Established in 2013, Brewers Select is a one stop shop for craft brewing and distilling ingredients specialising in the distribution of our malt in 25kg, 500kg and 1000kg bags so we can meet all our customer needs. Brewers Select removes the complexity for a thriving craft brewery by providing all the key ingredient requirements in the one location.

Our Craft partners in the americas

Founded in 1995 the team at Country Malt Group (CMG) has over 200 years of combined brewery and brewing experience and 13 warehouses across North America. They’re committed to providing the craft beverage industry with premier brands, highest-quality ingredients, and exceptional service. As our sister company, they represent our exclusive partner in North America meaning we have a close connection to our largest customer base outside of the UK.

Our Craft partners in asia pacific

For over 25 years, the Cryer Malt team has stood shoulder to shoulder with progressive craft brewers who have broken the mould and shaped the modern craft beer movement. Another company we’re proud to call family, they are constantly dedicated to providing the finest brewing ingredients to help brewers create the foundations of a truly excellent beer.

“From day one we’ve partnered with Bairds Malt and Brewers Select, which has helped us establish our diverse range of craft beers. The great variety of high quality malts is perfect for any craft brewery that loves to experiment with a broad array of beer styles.”

John Driebergen
Fourpure Brewing Co

Scottish Ale Malt

Sown, Grown and Malted in Scotland

One of our newest malt products, Scottish Ale showcases our commitment to producing malts that meet the needs of the modern brewer who wants to add provenance to their pint.

Having listened to our customers in Scotland, they wanted a base malt with a particular Scottish provenance that captured the terroir of their native land. As Glasgow represents our spiritual home and the country where we still have a strong foothold to this day, we were able to produce a base that celebrated the growers we work alongside with on the Eastern seaboard of the rugged Scottish landscape.

Moisture: 4.0% max

Extract (0.7/0.2mm), dry: 310 LDK min

Colour (EBC/SRM Units): 3.0 – 4.0 °EBC

Total Nitrogen/Protein, dry: 1.55% max
SNR / KI/ ST Ratio: 36.0 – 42.0

Diastatic Power: 40 IoB min

Moisture: 4.0% max

Extract (0.7/0.2mm), dry: 81.5% min

Colour (EBC/SRM Units): 3.5 – 4.5 °EBC

Total Nitrogen/Protein, dry: 1.55% max
SNR / KI/ ST Ratio: 40.0 – 45.0

Diastatic Power: 140 WK min

Moisture: 4.0% max

Extract (0.7/0.2mm), dry: 81.5% min

Colour (EBC/SRM Units): 1.5 – 2.0 °SRM

Total Nitrogen/Protein, dry: 9.7% max
SNR / KI/ ST Ratio: 40.0 – 45.0

Diastatic Power: 65 °L min

“Since we started brewing at our new brewery in Kent, we chose to partner with Bairds and Brewers Select.  With their help we’ve been able to establish and develop a fantastic range of great tasting beers. They’re committed to traceability and producing high quality Malting barley.”

MATT Anderson
Curious Brewing

malt matters

Brew with bairds

As Brewery and pub owners in a not too distant past the brewing industry holds a special place in our hearts. We know the importance of quality ingredients and work closely with local growers to ensure quality starts from the ground up. If you’re looking for quality malt for your next brew look no further.

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