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Mark Kinsman of Bairds Malt kicked off the 20th annual malting course by introducing himself to a full contingent of 26 Bairds’ customers who were interested to learn how their Malt gets to them, where it came from, how it became Malt and find out more about the UK and world markets. An informative and descriptive series of presentations followed, enabling the customers to see how much skill, effort, care and craftsmanship goes into making their product. In addition, the course has been of great benefit to many attendees who have taken the Industry recognised Institute of Brewing and Distilling examinations over the past two decades.


Late afternoon saw all of the delegates shipped out to Bairds Malt’s Arbroath site for an interactive tour including the Buhler Plant, Laboratory, Weighbridge and the huge Germination Vessel (see pic above). Seeing the plant for themselves allowed the customers to fully understand the process. After the site tour everybody enjoyed an informal meal at a local restaurant.

The course was extremely well received by delegates and Bairds’ employees alike who appreciated the vast amount of information, professional expertise and knowledge that was disseminated over the two day course. From crop choice to steeping, dispatch to germination, quality assurance to kilning, all areas were covered leaving everyone more informed of the process we endeavour to maintain.

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