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The history of Bairds Malt can be traced back to 1823 when Hugh Baird Senior, together with his brother Frank, founded his first brewery, Great Canal Brewery in Glasgow. The brothers then went on to set up as maltsters in 1832.

After a number of years they parted ways, with Frank concentrating on the brewing business and Hugh on the malting business. When Hugh Baird Senior retired in 1878 his sons, Hugh Junior and Montague, became sole partners of the business, which consisted of two maltings: Vulcan Maltings in Port Dundas and Springbank. The company operated exclusively in Glasgow until the turn of the century.

Keen to expand upon their operations in Glasgow, Hugh and Montague leased a floor maltings in Greenwich in 1906, which was then purchased in later years. In 1925, the company was in need of additional production to meet increasing demand and so purchased the Witham site and floor maltings. This was followed by the acquisition of many more floor maltings throughout the UK.

In 1999, Hugh Bairds merged with another successful malting company, Moray Firth Maltings and formed Bairds Malt Ltd as it is today. Bairds Malt was acquired by GrainCorp, a publically listed Australian grain company in November of 2009. In 2013, we launched Brewers Select - our one stop shop which supplies a range of quality ingredients and equipment for craft and microbrewers. In 2020, the malt companies demerged from GrainCorp as United Malt.

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