Barley field  


Malting Process:







Steeping is the first stage of the true malting process and takes 2-3 days in total. The moisture content of the barley is raised from typically 12% to 43-46%. This is achieved by a series of immersions or "wet stands" followed by dry stands.

The grain becomes hydrated and starts to germinate producing heat and carbon dioxide. During the wet stands, air is blown through the wet grain and during the dry stands, carbon dioxide is removed.

Steeping is the crucial phase of malting. By the end of steeping all the grains should be fully hydrated and should be just beginning to show signs of germination - the formation of a tiny rootlet or "chit".



Cells of barley starchy endosperm showing cell walls and large and small starch granules.

Cells of malt starchy endosperm showing cell wall destruction and protein matrix disruption.



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