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Pencaitland, East Lothian

The Pencaitland Maltings Plant is situated 12 miles east of Edinburgh in southern Scotland in the middle of the prime Lothian barley growing areas. The site was established as a 'green field' site in1965 with the present production plant built in 1978. Present annual malt production capacity is 45,000 tonnes with processing taking place in separate steeping, germination and kilning vessels. Each batch size is 165 tonnes of barley.

Flexible and independent barley drying facilities on site allows carefully controlled drying on intake of harvest barley and with the extensive storage facilities on site, allows for segregation of varietal type and protein level. The majority of malt produced at Pencaitland is destined for the distilling market.


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The Registered office of Bairds Malt Limited is situated at Station Maltings, Witham, Essex, CM8 2DU. Registered in England. Company registration number 3580592.