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Bairds malt Customer Service Philosophy . . .

Bairds Malt Customer Service seeks to align our internal capabilities with the specific needs of our customers.

We use expertise from our Production, Raw Materials, Technical, Quality Assurance and Business Services departments to tailor individual service plans that will be developed by Bairds Customer Service Teams.

We aim, through close interaction with our customers, to agree objectives and develop initiatives in order to provide the best possible delivered malt quality and support service for Bairds Malt customers.

Laboratory Facilities

The main laboratory testing facility is situated at the Arbroath site and was extensively upgraded in April 2000. This established a centralized quality control function providing an analytical service to satisfy not only the demands of the production sites but also to meet the requirements of Bairds Malt customers. There has also been a significant upgrade to our other satellite laboratory at the Witham site which provides on-site analysis of the specialist coloured malts produced by the Witham roasting plant.
Laboratory staff are trained to carry out the full range of analytical tests relating to brewing, distilling, export and specialist roasted type malts. Analysis procedures used are based on Institute of Brewing (IOB), EBC Analytica and ASBC industry methods. The laboratories are equipped with modern analytical instrumentation with a high degree of automation to ensure that the level of testing and analytical accuracy are in place to meet the product quality requirements.
A micro-malting facility at Arbroath is used extensively each year to assess the potential malt quality of new crop barley and to assess optimum processing conditions prior to committing barley to steep. This equipment also enables the evaluation of new barley varieties which are progressing through the plant breeding selection programmes. The equipment allows small scale malting of these new varieties to provide data on their suitability as a malting grade barley.

Bairds Malt laboratories subscribe to the world-wide proficiency scheme (MAPS) operated by the LGC. This allows the laboratory performance to be monitored and measured to ensure that the highest analytical standards are maintained and also demonstrates Bairds analytical competence to our customers.

Bairds Management System

A business management system has been devised, implemented and maintained by Bairds Malt Limited to ensure that the company objectives, customer requirements and specifications are identified and where possible improved on.

Our business management system has been designed for the manufacture of malts and roasted grain products for the brewing, distilling and food industries. We have now had a formal documented quality management system in place since 1990.

UK Assured Malt

Bairds Malt limited is a fully certified member of the UK Assured Malt initiative introduced by the Maltsters Association of Great Britain. In order to offer Assured UK Malt, malting companies must ensure the necessary system rigour and effectiveness by meeting each of the following requirements:

  • Compliance with the existing MAGB HACCP Guide to Malting
  • Use of assured grain only supply-chain traceability
  • An effective and well-documented quality management system
  • Full compliance with all relevant food safety legislation
  • An investigatory and product-recall system


HACCP surveys are regularly carried out in each plant in relation to Food Safety. Critical Control Points (CCPs) are now included as part of the management system to give an integrated approach.


Bairds Malt is certified to FEMAS, the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme.

Health and Safety

Bairds Malt Ltd is committed to providing and maintaining a safe and healthy working environment and conditions for all employees, contractors and visitors. The health and safety aspects of our business are managed through the Occupational Health and Safety Management System. The company is presently working towards OHSAS 18001:2007 certification at all sites

We aim to achieve this by:

• Preventing injury and ill health

• Complying with all applicable legal, occupational health and safety requirements and industry standards

• Providing adequate control of the health, safety and environmental risks arising out of company work activities

• Ensuring that all employees, contractors and visitors are made aware of their individual occupational health and safety obligations

• Providing and maintaining safe plant and equipment

• Ensuring the safe handling of all substances

• Ensuring all employees are competent to perform their tasks and providing information, instruction and training

• Consulting employees on matters affecting their health and safety

• Continually monitoring and improving the company’s occupational health and safety management system, performance and objectives

The Chief Executive Officer and other members of the Executive Group are responsible for implementing the Occupational Health and Safety Policy.


Bairds Malt Ltd cares about the environment and is committed to its protection. Aspects of our business that may have an impact on the environment are managed and communicated to staff through the Environmental Management System. This is independently audited and all sites hold ISO14001:2004 certification.

Our policy commitments are to:

• Continually improve the company’s environmental performance.

• Minimise the environmental impact of all aspects of our operations

• Prevent pollution

• Comply with all legal requirements, industry standards and other environmental requirements

• Establish and regularly review environmental objectives and targets.

The Chief Executive Officer and other members of the Executive Group are responsible for implementing the Environmental Policy.





Company Details:-

The Registered office of Bairds Malt Limited is situated at Station Maltings, Witham, Essex, CM8 2DU. Registered in England. Company registration number 3580592.