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Quality Assurance

At Bairds Malt we seek to align our internal capabilities with the specific needs of our customers. We aim, through close interaction with our customers, to agree to objectives and to develop initiatives in order to provide the best possible delivered malt quality and support service for our customers.

Bairds Malt is focused on delivering malt to consistently meet our customers' quality requirements by employing rigorous quality control procedures in grain selection / purchasing, malt production and malt shipping. We have the ability to influence each step in our supply chain from the barley seed to the finished malt product. This has proven to be a distinct advantage in our business and is an essential part of maintaining a high standard of product quality.  

Laboratory Testing Facilities

The main laboratory testing facility is situated at the Arbroath site. This site provides a centralised quality control function while providing an analytical service to satisfy the demands of the production sites and to meet the requirements of Bairds Malt customers. Our satellite laboratory at the Witham site provides on-site analysis of the specialist coloured malts produced by the Witham roasting plant.

Laboratory staff are trained to carry out the full range of analytical tests relating to brewing, distilling, export, and specialist roasted type malts. The laboratories are equipped with modern analytical instrumentation with a high degree of automation to ensure a high degree of analytical accuracy and precision to satisfy product quality requirements.

Bairds Malt laboratories subscribe to the world-wide proficiency testing malt analysis scheme (MAPS) operated by the Laboratory of the Government Chemist (LGC). This allows the laboratory performance to be monitored and measured to ensure that the highest analytical standards are maintained. It also demonstrates Bairds analytical competence to our customers through the complete transparency provided by the scheme.

Management Systems

ISO 9001

Our Business Management System, based on the requirements of the quality standard ISO 9001, has been designed for the manufacture of malts and roasted grain products for the brewing, distilling and food and feed industries. All Bairds Malt Ltd production sites, grain storage facilities and supporting ancillary activities are ISO 9001 accredited. This is underpinned by the accreditation of all sites and activities across the Bairds Malt Group to the Assured UK Malt Standard.  


Assured UK Malt Standard (AUKM)

Bairds Malt limited is a fully certified member of the Assured UK Malt (AUKM) initiative introduced by the Maltsters Association of Great Britain (MAGB). In order to offer Assured UK Malt, malting companies must ensure the necessary system rigour and effectiveness by meeting each of the following requirements:

  • Compliance with the existing MAGB Hazard Analysis & Critical Control Points (HACCP) Guide to Malting
  • Use of assured grain only supply-chain traceability
  • An effective and well-documented quality management system
  • Full compliance with all relevant food safety legislation
  • An investigatory and associated product-recall system


Food Safety Management / HACCP Systems

The core element of the AUKM standard is a requirement to operate a food-safe (HACCP) system. Therefore, to demonstrate a high standard of food safety management and protect the integrity of the product, a HACCP system is in operation at each site and is managed by a multi-disciplinary site HACCP team. The HACCP procedures undergo continual review to ensure the effectiveness of the system. A documented system is also in place to demonstrate traceability from the delivered malt product, through the production process and back to the silo where the grain had been sourced. It is necessary to show that the risks and hazards that may affect product integrity throughout the supply chain are being effectively managed and thus to ensure a food safe product.

All our grain is from a farm-assured source to an agreed specification. The grain at intake undergoes a rigorous visual and sensory inspection to ensure no signs of mould that could indicate potential mycotoxin contamination.


Feed Materials Assurance Scheme (FEMAS)

Bairds Malt Limited supplies co-products for animal feed and is certified to FEMAS, the Feed Materials Assurance Scheme. Therefore, to assure the protection of the food supply chain, grain is only purchased from approved suppliers so that the integrity of the co-products are feed safe. The controls and risk assessments operated by our HACCP systems and due diligence testing programmes also apply to our product streams for animal feed products.


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