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Where Does Our Malt Go?

Bairds Malt supplies malt to the brewing and distilling industry, both in the UK and overseas. Five malting plants, located in  the prime barley growing areas of England and Scotland, produce a wide range of brewing and distilling malts.   

Witham is well-located to draw barley from East Anglia to produce mainly brewing malts for UK brewers.  Witham also has a roast house producing a full range of speciality malts for both the UK and overseas.  Much of the speciality malt is shipped to the US and Canada to our sister company, Country Malt, that supplies the large American craft brewing sector.  These speciality malts are also shipped as far away as Japan, New Zealand, and Australia.

The Grantham maltings is located in central Lincolnshire and again is well-located to take advantage of the Lincolnshire cereal crop.  Grantham produces mainly brewing malt shipped in bulk or bags to both national and regional breweries.  In addition, containers of bagged malt are shipped around the world particularly to Country Malt.  The Americans love UK malt produced from UK barley as our climate is well-suited to producing plump, high-quality malting barley.

Our Scottish maltings, located in Pencaitland, Arbroath and Inverness, specialise in supplying quality distilling malts to the Scottish whisky distilleries, both large and small.  Inverness can also supply peated malts which are used for the sought after peated malt whiskies that are produced in the Western Isles.

Bairds Malt has recently entered the burgeoning UK craft brewing market by opening a new business, Brewers Select.  Brewers Select supplies crushed or whole malt, hops and other brewing materials to the craft brewer large or small.  Malt is supplied to Brewers Select in bulk from Grantham (base malts) and Witham (specialities) where it is repackaged, crushed or whole, as required into 25kg bags for sale to the small brewer.  Orders are palletised and shipped around the country.  Brewers Select is also starting to export malts to overseas craft brewers including Spain, Italy, Norway, and New Zealand.

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