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Roasted, Crystal and Cara Malts

Bairds Malt can produce a full range of roasted malts to create distinct colours, flavours and mouthfeel characteristics typically used by brewers across the world.

Amber malt has a light, biscuit, dry flavour and can be used to produce some dryness and bitterness along with characteristic malty flavours.

Chocolate malt is produced by roasting conventional two-row malts to very high temperatures to impart strong colours and flavours. Chocolate malt has a rich chocolate and coffee flavour and aroma with a light astringency.

Black malt is produced in a similar manner to Chocolate malt but higher final temperatures are used to create more intense flavours and aromas.

Roast barley is produced by roasting un-malted barley in the roasting drum to high temperatures. This product can be used in the production of dry or bitter stouts and other dark beers.

Caramel and Crystal Malt

Cara malts are very lightly roasted, steeped and germinated malts that create the characteristic golden colours and mellow flavours. They are used to give colour and flavour to pale lager and ale beers.

Crystal malts are produced by roasting steeped and germinated malts to create crystals of sugar within each barley grain. The colour and flavour of these crystal malts can be modified by the length and temperature of the roasting phase. Crystal malts have a distinctive toffee flavour, which becomes more intense as colour is increased, and at the higher end of the colour range.

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