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Pilsen/Lager Malt

Medium protein barley is chosen for its slightly higher enzyme levels and low colour lager malts are produced to specific customer specifications. Premium Pilsen malt is used for brewing premium lagers and, although mainly intended for all malt beers, there is sufficient diastatic power to convert a limited amount of adjunct.

Pale Ale Malt

Pale ale malts are made from low protein spring and winter varieties to produce malts of character and flavour. Our maltsters are skilled at targeting the ideal processing conditions to create well-modified malts with distinct colour and flavour characteristics and which form the basis for some of the best ales in the UK and beyond.

Vienna and Munich Malt

Vienna malt is a well-modified lager malt, resulting from full steeping and germination. The elevated colour is achieved by kilning at slightly higher temperatures than is usual for lager malts. These malts can be used to add body, mouth-feel, and toffee flavours to lager beers of the Vienna or Märzen style and are dark in colour with a reddish hue.

Munich malt is a well-modified lager malt which is kilned in such a way that modification continues during kilning and very high finishing temperatures are used to produce the characteristic colour and malty flavours. Munich malt is generally used in the production of dark Dunkel lagers, which are dark in colour with a golden hue.

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