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Brewers Select is our craft brewing specialist supplier at your fingertips, for micro and home brewing.

Brewers Select is a 'one-stop-shop' supplier of quality ingredients and equipment from around the world for craft and micro-brewers, with 24 hour access to on-line ordering. Their aim is to inspire and tempt you, challenge your brewing creativity, celebrate your expertise but most of all, to help you brew some cracking beers.

Brewers Select is based in Peterborough in a 27,500 sq ft warehouse at Fengate Point, Peterborough. Brewers Select have a unique arrangement with partner suppliers from around the globe to access rare and unique-to-the-UK ingredients. We think that this is pretty exciting for the craft beer scene so we aim to react quickly and intelligently to market demands.

The annual capacity of Milled /bagged Malt Production is 13, 000 tonnes, using 2, 2 tonne per hour malt mills for milling. Storage capacity on site is 120 tonnes utilising 4, 30T silos with racked storage for 862 tonnes of milled, whole malt and adjuncts product. There is also 300 cold storage pallet spaces for hops within the   27, 500 sq ft warehouse and external 3rd party storage is available for up to 300 ambient pallet spaces of malt and other ingredients and 200 cold storage pallet spaces for hops. 


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