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Saxon Agriculture's grain activities are mainly focused on the added-value premium crops arena. In these days of volatile agricultural commodity prices, increasing importance is being placed on crops that are profitable for the farmer, whether large scale malting barley production or niche crops such as yellow linseed.

Many years of marketing expertise combine within Saxon Agriculture to give the producer and consumer confidence in these crops in order to help to allow the crops to develop in a sustainable way.

Organic Grain and Feeds

Saxon Agriculture Ltd is one of the largest traders and importers of raw materials for the organic animal feed and human consumption sectors.

Saxon Agriculture Ltd has been trading organic produce for over 10 years.  It is registered with The Organic Food Federation, an EN40511/ISO 65 inspection body, and conforms to EC regulations 834/2007 and 1235/2008, the Pan European Organic standard.

Our many years of experience have allowed us to generate a massive database of suppliers throughout the organic world and which can give us the most cost-effective sourcing solutions for our customers whilst maximising opportunities for our suppliers.


Saxon Agriculture is at the forefront of the UK's agricultural seeds market.

Our focus is predominantly on supplying the UK's wholesale seed market with a broad cross-section of cereal, pulse, and oilseed varieties.

Through our nationwide network of contract growers, many of whom have been growing with us since we started, we produce all grades of seed, close to where it is required. We thus maximise returns to growers by minimising wasteful haulage costs.

Our in-house grain department gives us a unique position within the seed industry, allowing both growers and our customers to hedge their price exposure with the use of futures and options.

Close contacts with UK and continental breeders have allowed us to gain 'pole' position with many new variety launches. Our wide market knowledge and our reputation for integrity and reliability give us the ability to gain quick market share in a rapidly changing market.


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