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The malting barley required for the Bairds Malt plants, some 330,000 tonnes of raw material annually, is mainly procured through the subsidiary agricultural merchant companies of the Bairds Malt group - in England we have Saxon Agriculture and Mark Lawrence Grain, and in Scotland we have Scotgrain Agriculture. Over 85% of the total barley requirement is procured at harvest time and the merchant companies operate an extensive network of testing, logistics, storage, and of course personnel, to facilitate this over such a condensed period.

In sourcing the right varieties and quality of material to feed our plants, these companies provide a crucial link between producer and maltster, ensuring that we produce consistently high-quality malt suited to the requirements of our customers.

Malting barley procurement is only part of the portfolio of products and services that the merchant companies offer. They are also concerned with inputs – seed, fertiliser, chemicals; with outputs – wheat, feed grains, Oil Seed Rape, pulses; with niche markets – organics, specialist grain…the list goes on!





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