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Our Locations

Bairds Malt operates malt houses in Inverness, Arbroath and Pencaitland in Scotland, and Grantham and Witham in England. We also have a barley storage facility at Turriff and our Brewers Select warehouse in Peterborough which supplies Craft Brewers across the UK.

Bairds Malt has a total production capacity of over 255,000 tonnes per year.

Bairds Malt commissioned its new Arbroath malt house in January 2010, expanding the company's capacity by 57,000 tonnes to supply the growing demand for high quality malt to the Scottish distilling sector.

The three malt houses in Scotland make Bairds a leading supplier to the Scottish distilling industry.

From two malt plants in England and three in Scotland, Bairds Malt produces a complete range of brewing and distilling malts.

Our Inverness plant is capable of producing brewing and distilling malts, including peated malts, while our dedicated roasting facility at Witham produces a full range of high quality roasted and crystal malts.