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Title: A New Chimney for Inverness

Peated whisky in recent years has gained in popularity, with distillers offering a wide range of peated whisky’s with lightly peated at around 2-5 ppm through to super heavily peated at over 50 ppm.

For many centuries peat was cut from the local bog, dried out and burned as a source of heat. With peat being a locally sourced fuel, for many Scottish Malthouse’s it was the fuel of choice for malt kilning. This in turn added the phenolic content to the dried malt giving it a unique smoky flavour.


 The Bairds Malt Plant at Inverness produces peated malt which supplies Scottish and overseas distillers. Peated malt has been produced at Inverness for many years; at one time there were five peat fires serving two malting vessels each. Now, there is one fire servicing all the vessels used for the peating process.

During the early part of 2016 the decision was taken to replace the chimney with an upgraded model. On September 29th the old chimney was dismantled and steel sections sent to be recycled. The mounting plate of the new chimney was engineered to fit directly onto the existing base plate. This meant less down time as there was no need for modification. On October 5th 2016 a team of steeplejacks and two large cranes arrived on site and began the process of erecting the new chimney. After two days of hard work the installation of the chimney was completed and the peat reek could billow once more.

The installation of the new chimney has allowed the company to change its peating operation and maximise its output to meet the growing demand for peated distilling malt.



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